Twisted Lidzz and Bike Baggy's

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 Practicality and fashion bundled together for maximum marketing coverage. Don't miss your chance to get some Twisted 'Lidzz' of your own!!

 The visors are also lightweight and reversible, providing opportunities to have different designs and colors on either side, essentially a new Lid every time you flip it! They can be easily folded up and placed in your purse or pocket and comes with neat eyeglass holders to carry either your sun or eyeglasses without fear of them falling off your head or getting lost.

  Our 'Lidzz' are special handmade headwear that include many unique amenities such as our patent pending "Stretch Pockets" that can be handy in securing any small items you want to keep safe. Money, ID cards, credit cards or for the intended purpose of holding your iPod / iPod Nano or any other small music device. Designed to remove the hassle of having cords flail about while trying to listen to your music.

Please take a moment to review a few photos of some of the products we offer. We aim to please everyone, so if you have an idea for new patterns or designs you would like please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. We're always excited to hear from our customers!

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