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Our wear is made using Organic Cotton and Eco-Twill fabric. Eco-Twill is a blend of 35% Organic Cotton and 65% Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (Made from used plastic bottles). Not only do we use Green materials to make our merchandise, but we also locally hand sew every product. You won't catch us using any air polluting large machinery around here! That's because we want to do our part in helping this earth, and so can you. By simply purchasing one of our items you are contributing to our ongoing efforts of sustainability while being rewarded with a unique product of your own..

 Keeping to our Native Roots

First Allow Me To Introduce Myself And My Custom Made Products...

  My name is Joseph Alfred Leon, I am a Native American, Vietnam War Veteran, business owner. I am a formally educated and experienced businessman, being a licensed California Real Estate Broker and Developer for 42 years. Experienced farmer, inventor, non-profit board member, proprietor and founder of Twisted Lidzz.
  I would appreciate a moment to explain some things to you and help broaden your understanding of myself and my companies. My main goal here with Twisted Lidzz is to create unique quality headwear while efficiently bringing much needed jobs back to our local communities. Through the local manufacturing, shipping, sales and purchases of our merchandise we help to create new jobs. And though many of us may enjoy some finer things in life... Do we ever stop to realize that the majority of all products we buy are made and distributed from other countries? While our nation is scrounging for change and begging for the opportunity to work, big business outsources many of our jobs to be more 'Cost-Effective'. Now I'm all for saving money where it counts, don't get me wrong, but am I the only one who feels we NEED to keep creating jobs HERE in our own country when we so desperately need them? I may not be able to compete with these rich bigwigs who gain nothing more than profit from your patronage, but there is two things I can promise each and every one of you: 
   #1.You can be sure that every cent you put into the purchase of our products is working to create a greener earth by buying eco-friendly.
   #2.Each purchase helps to create more sustainable local jobs statewide and, God willing, nationwide.

Now if your looking for a cheaply made hat you can get for cents on the dollar, I need to stop you here because you are in the wrong place. But if you're looking to buy a quality, handmade and home-grown cap or visor that is Green (environmentally speaking) and helps put income back into our crumbling economy... Then, Yes!!! You have absolutely reached your destination!
Feel free to learn more about us with a call: 661-325-2215 or shoot us a question through our Contact Us form. Thank You for your time and I hope you have an awesome day!   - Joseph Leon

 With the owner and predominant employees being Native American, we are always looking for solutions to commonplace problems facing our Native people today. Both here in the United States and worldwide a major hurdle for these people is underfunding and a lack of recognition. One of our goals with our unique products is to use them as a sort of advertising vessel for our Native brothers & sisters. We want to provide a tool of recognition for indigenous people globally. By placing their Native Territory or Tribe, Logo, and/or Artwork onto our Caps, Visors or Baggies they have at their disposal a great marketing product that they can claim as their own. Either to have a product that they can use to establish a place in the trade market or even to pass out as free just to get their name out in circulation in the general public. We want to provide this deserved help to these proud people, especially by using our merchandise that are made using earth-friendly materials. Which gives a great opportunity for Natives to not only have an outspoken voice in this loud world, but also to keep true to the beliefs that our Earth is sacred and is meant to be preserved by whatever means we can.



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act on YOUR OWN


Try doing what you can at home for our earth. Recycle cans & bottles, turn off lights when not in use, fix leaky faucets or sinks, carpool even once or twice a week. Sometimes even the smallest step can take you the longest way...

do your part

What Do We Believe?


The staff here at Twisted Lidzz believe that buying great products and selling great products should go hand in hand, that's why we strive to put out only the best quality handmade hats, visors and baggies. And we always encourage our patrons to contact us with any questions or concerns. Because if you can't buy a product you can trust from people you can trust, what's the point of purchase? We also believe in doing what's in our power to help nature survive and are dedicated to bring you great customer service and one of a kind products while continuing to utilize proven techniques that help in our effort to conserve our mother earth.

Its Your Earth Do The Right Thing


Have Questions? Contact jleon@nativefirst.com for more Info

Think Global Think Green  

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